I use my Intuition to get to the heart of things, bringing amazing insights to a consultation. 


My initial interest in Medical Intuition started so that I could heal myself, but clearly after that, my passion for the modality compelled me to go further afield and look at helping others.  


I have gone through many illness, life lessons and procedures myself and overcome dis-ease.


I am in a sympathetic position to understand and assist clients to understand their own illness and issues that lie beneath the surface of Dis-ease and Dysfunction.


” I love meeting people and knowing their stories.  My life philosophy is to look at the 'glass half full' and to find the positive side of any situation at it arises. 

I love to laugh as I find it assists me in keeping positive and focused.  


Life is a game, let’s play it with humility, compassion a laugh and a smile".                       

                                        ... Lia Estate

My Philosophy

As a child my ability to see auras and sense personalities made me very shy, wary, and reserved.  This aspect of life frightened me until I began to understand what this meant, and how it was to change my life.  As I grew and understood life better,

I slowly started to allow, trust and develop my intuitive side.  


My career began as an Interior Architect/Designer,  Artist / Graphic Design in the early ’80s.  It took a tangent of passion, understanding, and research about 29 years ago when I was introduced to the principles of...

Quantum Physics, Feng Shui and

Chi/Divine energy flow.  

I started learning about the interconnectedness of the soul and our surroundings.  The observation of human behavior also fascinated me so I started to take notes.


From there I went onto learn Reiki, Kinesiology, Archetypal Readings, Cutting the Ties and various other modalities, and finally Medical Intuition. 


I am still on a journey of learning.

Life is a journey. 

I believe that this part of my life will be an ongoing process.  I attend many seminars, lectures, and collect various information through my own research and development, which is ongoing.


I prefer to think of myself as a 'Quantum Medical Intuitive - Wellness Facilitator/Personality Profiler' with Clairvoyant abilities and am fascinated by the human condition, as it is ever-changing with fascinating facets of interpretation and perception.