How It Works 

By using Quantum Medical Intuition, Energy Healing,

Matrix Energetics, Clairvoyant and Spiritual Healing,

Lia can help you by: 


Helping you pin pointing areas of Dis-ease.


Assist you to understand your body, emotions

and show you how to manage or stop Dis-ease

with monitoring and collaboration of your doctor

or health-care practitioner.


Recognize and isolate root and key elements in

your life that may be the cause of your Dis-ease.


Find the stressors and stop the negative process

before you reach a critical point in your life. 


If you have reached a critical point in your life take

the first step to wellness and empowerment by

learning how to manage your health with simple easy

to use techniques for everyday life and how to keep

it that way.


Helping you recognize and stop negative and

destructive behaviour and thoughts that may have

caused the problems in the first place. 



Giving you the tools and positive support, that will

eventually give you the ability to stand alone and deal

with issues on your own as they come up and not

need to rely on others to make you well and give you 

peace of mind.




Take the first step to initiate wellness and peace of

mind for the rest of your life, with initial and subsequent

session to create this environment of support.


The session lasts approximately 50 - 60 minutes and

encompasses energy work that pin points, isolates

and changes the energy blockages into free flowing energy that is beneficial and your future well-being. 


Sometimes changes happen immediately and you

may experience immediate and lasting relief.


You do not disrobe for the session.

The session is conducted in a seated, comfortable position. 


You will learn simple, easy to use techniques that

are powerful and effective.  It is up to the client to then take responsibility to continue these techniques for self empowerment and on going well-being.


You will leave feeling refreshed, calm, relaxed and ready to begin your life from a different perspective and perception that will assist you to keep wellness as a standard part of your everyday life. 


Of course sometime you may experience different feelings after a session but this is normal as your energy system and body are expelling long hidden toxins that have caused disruption and dis-ease.

No Limit 

There is no limit to what may arise in a session so 

together we explore present-past life and spiritual matters as and if they arise to unblock stagnant energy that is stopping you from forward movement.