I went to Lia on my quest to overcome my health issues.


I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001 and as a result have seen many practitioners.


Lia has stood out as being the one that has helped me the most, her professionalism, attention to detail and the way she conducted herself made me feel so comfortable and safe during the process.


The results were amazing, the technique used by Lia is a very powerful one and one that has helped me to this point, I feel fantastic.


Lia you are one fantastic and talented lady, I wouldn't miss doing the technique you showed me - I do it every day.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there. 

. . . P.D. – Lower Plenty

I was truly taken by surprise when Lia told me of all the disharmony within my body.

I had many complaints which the doctors would just disregard and put it down to manifestation. 

Lia accurately identified problems within my physical body and also my emotional demons and began correcting this disharmony. 

Only after two sessions I have seen dramatic results on a physical and emotional level.

I will be returning on a regular basis to ensure optimum health and well being. 


. . . K.L. –Montmorency


I know Lia personally and professionally and have found Lia to be a woman of exceptional standards both ethically and in her work as an 'Mi' practitioner.

Lia helped me to unlock deep emotional blockages using her 'Mi' skills, this helped me to improve my health and my life on both a physical, emotional and spiritual level resulting in life changing transformations.

Lia’s 'Mi' work utilized my body's own powerful healing potential which helped dissolve limitations, allowing me to experience new feelings of joy and contentment with optimum health. 


. . . N.S. – Eltham