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Lia Estate QMi. ARMIT. MDIA.

Artist / Photographer

Interior Architect / Designer

Graphic & Furniture Designer

Singer / Vocalist

Quantum Medical Intuitive
Energy Healing/Reiki
Vibrational Healing
Matrix Energetics

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Lia Estate / The power of creativity

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Lia Estate ~ writes about
The Power of Vibrational Energy


QMi ~ Art Therapy
now available

Group & Individual Sessions

What can you try today
to be Inspired !

Draw something
anything !

Start with a 
Doodle Drawing

QMi - Art Therapy
Lia Estate Artist / Photographer @ Copyright


Client confidentiality is maintained at all times.

The information given on this website is a guide only.   It is not intended to replace any advice or guidance given to you by any health care

or medical practitioner that you consult with.

Lia Estate is not a Medical Practitioner and accepts no responsibility for any choices or actions you may make to your health care

routine based on your interpretation of the information provided on this website.  

A consultation with a Medical Intuitive is not meant to take the place of advice or treatment by a qualified professional in these fields.

​Any condition requiring medical care should be attended to by your Health Care practitioner.

Copyright 2008 Lia Estate - Medical Intuitive / Intuitive Energy Healing / Reiki / Clairvoyant / Quantum Matrix Healing / Energy Healing Copyright 2008

General Well Being ~ Illness - Physical - Mental - Emotional  / Animal Therapy and Wellbeing  / Energetic Self Defence ~ Personal Protection ~ EFT

Personality Profiler / Archetypes / Space Clearing and Protection ~ Art Therapy / Artist / Graphics ~ Interior Architect ~ Artist

Frequency Vibrational Healing / Sound Healing ~ Emotional Health & Well-being 

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